Sunday, October 17, 2010

Jumpstarting creativity

Apparently finishing the denim "quilt" got me sewing again. With four kids I don't really have a lot of extra time, but I'm finding certain pockets of time on the weekends for myself.....unfortunately the state of my house reflects this time. I am trying to handmake some things for Christmas this year, as I did last year. The hardest thing I'm discovering is that we have so much STUFF that I don't need anything, but still I feel the urge to create. Thankfully I discovered today so I'm sure I"ll find TONS of things over there.

I loosely used this tutorial to make fruit and veggie bags, about 6, for my shopping. I also made a set for a morale pal exchange at work. She likes being a little more eco-friendly too, and although my secret identity may now be compromised, I don't think she reads my blogs. The only issue I had as a "mostly quilter sewer" is that the netting I used slid everywhich way. Yes I could have pinned it, but I just decided to keep moving.

I think I got a little better at managing the four layers (I doubled the thickness for strength for my large family purchases), but I also think I eventually quit worrying about how straight everything was. I am a math teacher and LOVE straight lines, but I had to let it go for this..... its just for veggies right?

I've also been working on more felt food for the little girls Christmas this year. They also have a bunch of American Girl stuff on their list, so I made some cinnamon rolls for their dolls as well. I followed a tutorial for the muffins here , but just looked at pictures for the cinnamon rolls. I made teeny tiny ones for their doll tea parties too, but Brian didn't take pics of those. The grocery bags I made for them was just 2 rectangles of felt with a 3rd one cut for the same length as the sides of the bag, but a determined width (I think 3 or 4 inches) by me. I'm planning on making some "price tags" because I've noticed they aren't just playing with these in their kitchen, but setting up "stores" in different parts of the house. I keep waiting for them to outgrow this, but it hasn't happened yet... thankfully there are other little folks in my family so I can continue to make these.

Next up for the little girls is at least one knitted doll sweater each, but I"ll try for a couple of them. I do have other things to make that I can't post yet so they'll have to wait until after Christmas.